We are reconnecting a once inseparable relationship between humans and nature.

Founded on the fact that immersing ourselves in nature is vital for our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Lostwoods seeks to take you closer to the natural world, without you having to go too far or spend too much.

Who are we

We are dreamers (in charge of escapes) believers in the restorative health benefits of going back to the oldest and wisest healer Mother Nature. As we move further and further away from nature. Losing large chunks of our lives looking at screens, in urban areas, lacking green spaces.

Our job is to help you escape.

Your job is to escape often.

The idea is to swap




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Day Dreams


Natural World

Our need for connection to nature is deeply hard wired in us, it goes back thousands of years.

Too much concrete and urban living leaves us tired and wired. Our minds run in a constant overdrive. Our nervous system can't switch off. We're here to encourage you to do just that.

Switch Off
Take time for your self. Take time for your wellbeing. Take time for reconnecting or disconnecting.