These are the main frequently asked questions we get.

What is a naturescape?

Any escape is what you make it. But here’s our take on it. It’s a break away from the daily grind. The opportunity to reconnect with mother nature, a break from whatever you need, whenever you need. It’s a escape centred around nature and the elements, so please be prepared it’s just going to be you and nature.

What are the cabins like?

Purpose built for off the grid and with careful consideration to the environment. Incorporating features like solar power and composting toilets. We have tried to design them to be stylish and cosy and to have as much natural light as possible. Our cabins are the perfect way to immersify yourself in nature, they are a window to the world and a shelter when required.

Cut the cr*p what’s a composting toilet?

As part of our promise to be environmentally sustainable we have chosen to use a composting toilet. They separate solids and liquids and they are odourless, these clever contraptions have come a long way over the years, you’ll barely notice the difference!

Is there anyone around?

It will vary depending on where the cabin is located, we are trying to ensure we can suit everyone’s style. Each cabins listing will have a guide on how secluded it is, but all cabins are placed on private hosted land, so you will never be completely stranded. Just remember it’s a different style of getaway and be prepared for it, you’re going to love it.

Is there heating?

All of the cabins are highly insulated to keep you as warm and as snug as possible during your stay with us in the winter and cool in the summer. Please note there is no heating or AC in our cabins. We recommend packing accordingly for changes in weather conditions, as we can’t make any promises on that front. Only that you will enjoy your stay regardless of what mother nature throws at you.

What should we bring?

Pack clothes to be cool in, warm in, chilled in, walked in. Pack treats, booze, books, and a good attitude ready to enjoy the weekend (pack as light as you can). There’s plenty of board games, cards etc to keep you entertained Wi-Fi is a no go and signal isn’t promised.

Is there phone signal?

It's not promised due to the cabins secluded locations. We will however let you know what the situation is at each location. The Lostwoods concept is based around switching off and tuning in to your natural surroundings, that includes not having our eyes glued to screens. We promise its not the end of the world, it may however be the start of a new one.

Accessing the Cabin?

At this stage all of our cabins are accessible by vehicle, but you won’t be able to park directly outside of the cabin. There will be a small walk/adventure from your vehicle to the cabin. As we add more locations, these adventures will get a little wilder, so keep your eyes peeled! We will however always make sure you know the score before arriving.

Can I stay by myself?

Of course you can, there’s plenty of things to keep you occupied and the cabins are all on private land so they are very safe. Sometimes you need your own space and Lostwoods provides just that. If you are going to go head to one of our escpaes alone we recommend making . You should never be afraid to do anything alone, if you do feel uneasy we have a customer wellness check in policy you can opt in to.

Can my dog come?

Unfortunately not at this stage, we are working on providing dog friendly stays in the near future.

Checking in/Checking out?

It’s really easy, the cabin will be ready for you to check in at 14:00 and you will need to check out at 11:00. We recommend starting your escape early and then adding the check in time as part of your day.

Anything you would like to know

If you don't see the answer here get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As a new business, there is probably lots more we need to tell you. Feel free to contact us here.