We are seeking landowners. Your partnership will help us, help people getaway from concrete jungles, chaos and stress.

We want our guests to find deeper ways to connect with nature. We want to inspire change in all of us. So we can experience the health benefits nature brings. If you want to be part of our mission.

Things we would like from your property


One to two hours away from a major city.


Very rural or secluded properties that offer the space needed for people to reconnect with nature and themselves. Nature views, whether that’s fields, forests, the sea, a lake or or even a mountain… We are open to anything and the wilder the better!


We don’t have a perfect property in mind, so please get in touch if you believe one of our cabins would suit. Maybe it’s not a cabin, we have been working on a number of unique ideas to house would be wanderers.

Why host with Lostwoods


Earn sustainable income through your land


By hosting and partnering with with Lostwoods you are helping people escape the everyday pressures of life and providing them with a sanctuary and a place to unwind. We want to partner with hosts who love their land and the world and want to protect it like we do.

Stress Free

We handle the end to end customer experience from booking reservations to stay instructions and any potential questions. The aim is to give the guests everything they need to be completely self sufficient during their stay. We provide you with everything you need to maintain and service the cabin.

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